This show is at the Burrito Gallery in Jacksonville, Florida. It will be up through March, 2007.
The artists showing are :: / / /

This was my wall.







And this piece which wasn't part of the new series.


Dana's wall.




Dan's wall.


Sean's wall.



I wish I had better photos of the other artists work. I'll try to get some more
before it comes down. If you would like to see more of Dan and Sean's work
at the opening go to:

Urban Jacksonville's Flikr site

Also to hear a podcast interview with Sean and I go here:

Urban Jacksonville Podcast Interview

Much respect to Joey from for stopping by.

Honestly, I can't believe we were able to show our work in Jacksonville, FL.
It sort of gives me hope for the city in general.

Also much respect to Tony Allegretti from the Burrito Gallery for letting us use the space.

This show will be up through April 3rd, 2007 so if you are in the area I think it's worth
checking out.

The Burrito Gallery, 21 East Adams St., Jacksonville, FL.