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I practice art as meditation. It is yoga. It is martial arts. It is mopping. It is a thought that springs to life, into words, into sounds, into images. Inspiring action. It connects our lives to the here and now. Art is truth telling.

I see the goal of the artist to seek deep connections between the light and the dark. Art is a shaman’s magic. Art is a potion that when properly prepared can propel the participant into higher dimensions of thought, love and feeling. When taken as prescribed it acts as a catalyst for the evolution of DNA pushing humanity towards progress. The end goal is to expand consciousness.  Allowing us to find empathy for ourselves, others and the world we live in.

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This is hard, writing a bio, to tell my story. I don’t have decades to look back. To show you a lot of milestones. I have shown some art, curated some shows, and been published a few times. I have received zero awards.

To tell you the truth, I am not “accomplished” but I am proud of what I have accomplished and what I have lived through. I graduated from art school, moved to New York, 9/11 happened. I joined the Army; I got out of the Army. Found an awesome wife. Found out I have a brain tumor the next year, 2005. I’ve been in treatment or in the monitoring stages ever since. I have received 2 craniotomies (brain surgeries), a year and a half of chemo, 33 doses of brain radiation and am now considered in remission and a long term survivor. Which means I’m working on legacy. Which means, each project I create, I do so as if it’s my last.

My wife and I have a family with children and cats. A huge backyard and a garden. And as far as art, I have been creating stuff all along the way. Mostly visual art but after my surgeries in 2009, I put down my pen due to nerve damage and focused on poetry.

In 2015, I began creating visual art again in response to the Charlie Hebdo massacre. When I create it is brutal and honest. I never hold my tongue as I explore varied issues such as racial injustice, #BlackLivesMatter, terrorism, #JeSuisCharlie, school shootings, #Sandyhook, climate change, #TheEarthIsFucked, and the technological singularity, #RobotsWillRule. My goal has always been to spur discussion and thought through skinning the story down to the bone. To see what eternal truths that might bubble up into the universe. To see what light might be shed along the way. As long as I may.
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Interactive Producer
St. John & Partners

“Byron is from that rare group of young professionals who live in the interactive world. He doesn’t “grasp” it or, “understand” it, he lives in it 24/7. It flows through him, the way a great site is intuitive without effort. Add to that the fact that he is one of the most energetic, nonstop creative minds I’ve ever met, who can apply his expertise to problem-solving, and you begin to understand Byron. That’s my take.”
Tom Basich, Owner, Tom Basich Concepts, Inc.

Creative Director

“In a market that has been in a whirlwind of controversy and deluged with negativity, Byron King has tightly held the flame, providing, against all odds, a forum for intellectual banter and aesthetic criticism. His well-oiled mechanics spark admiration in fans and foes alike. Byron’s mind is constantly working, his energy is boundless, and his abilities are multitude. I recommend him highly.
Jim Draper, Owner, Jim Draper Studios

Role: Interactive Mole
Crispin Porter + Bogusky

“Byron has spent several years of deep, deep, deep, deep undercover work for CPB as a mole in other organizations. His cover was so deep his identity was a secret no only to me but to every other person at CPB as well. You cant do the job any better than that! I can highly recommend Byron to anybody who is looking for a mole.”
Alex Bogusky, Co-Chairman, Crispin Porter + Bogusky[/spoiler]


Bachelor of Fine Arts, Studio Art, Florida State University, 1997.


2009 – present: after first brain surgery, redefined creative process through poetry.

Selected Visual Art Shows:

RobotLove3D at The Foosaner Museum Education Center, February, 2015. Terror Kitsch Series.

Polar Brokers Digital Show at, Galerie de la Royal Digital, June, 2008. View Rooms.

Joe Bar, Seattle, WA, February 2008. View Photos.

The Plaza Theater, Atlanta, GA, July 2007.

Open Ground at the Fountain Art Fair, Wynwood Art District, Miami 2008.  View Photos.

Making Marks Drawing Show, Museum of Contemporary Art Jacksonville, Jacksonville, FL, September, 2008.
Video Coverage.

Premiere opening for Bungalow on Park, August 2008.

Drawdown at Museum of Contemporary Art, Jacksonville, July 2008.

Velocity Dance Center, Seattle, WA, April, 2008.

LABOR @ Fuel, Jacksonville, FL, April, 2008.

Micro Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, November 2007.

OPAQ Gallery, Jacksonville, FL, October 2007.

Bogda Gallery, LABOR show, Jacksonville, FL, October 2007.

The Helm Gallery, Tacoma, WA, Sept-Oct 2007.

Pedestrian Projects, Jacksonville, FL, August 2007.

OPAQ Gallery, Jacksonville, FL, July 2007.

Bogda Gallery, Jacksonville, FL, July 2007.

Art Open House, Jacksonville, FL, June 2007.

Burrito Gallery, Jacksonville, FL, January 2007.

Enlisted in the U.S. Army, 2001-2004.

Open Groud, Installation 1, Brooklyn, NY, 2000.

Dumbo Arts Festival, Open Studios, Brooklyn, New York 2000.

Windows on Broadway, New York, NY, August, 1999.