A Citizen’s Test

Freedom of speech will be our very undoing.
If we do not decide to become more aware of our course.
And of what this country stands for and what we have declared.
For we are a country founded by free thinkers and radicals.
People who were well versed and educated men.

Now we stand at a time of drastic division.
Separated not by our freedoms but by our differences.
As people continue to speak out about what they believe true.
We must remember our history and remember the fifty-thousand foot view.
That if we forget our history we will continue to become unglued.

For we are a country of free thinkers and always have been.
But what is a thought if it is blankly begot? Nothing but ignorance is all you have got.
On issues we should know and hold dear to our hearts.
Know them not because it is a chore, but because it should be our obligation.
To know where we came from and where we are going, we must remember the civics
that founded this nation.

So with that said I declare a test for all who speak out.
A test that you must pass before you shout out.
A test you must pass before you cast each vote.
A test you must pass if you want to speak of your rights.
A test you must pass in order to truly understand your blight.

A Citizen’s Test that all must pass. Before they get up and are able to bombast.
Now this test should not be difficult, but something we should already know.
With the history of our declaration and constitution bestowed.
And as we pass this test each year we will earn our freedoms we so easily abuse.
Freedoms that great men and thinkers have given us as a gift.
Freedoms we abuse when we stand up and speak of Socialism and Fascism when miffed.

A Citizen’s Test for all I declare. Not because I condemn thee but because
I lift up our history for all of us to see. Because if we know not where we came from, how can
we know where we will go? If we know not where we came from we will reap what we sow.
If we know not where we came from our ignorance will surely prevail.

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