A Mountain to Climb


They will say we failed
That our differences were too many
They will look at our democracy
And see a short, bloody experiment
Like Socialism
Like Communism
It could have worked

If only the few looked out for the whole
If greed did not run rampant
If wisdom and logic prevailed
If extremism did not take over
Fusing the church with the state
24/7 media programming our fate

As bobble heads slant and distort
The “news” they report
Given to us in bullet points
Distracting us from any progress
Keeping us at each other’s throats

As Thanksgiving approaches
As families gather around their tables
To hold hands and say grace
For our nation does face
A mountain to climb

Where party lines split families
Split government
Split country
Turning WE into THEY
For THEY pray the end is near
And THEY have absolutely no fear
To burn it all down

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