Accepting Defeat

The slickest video game of this year
is hot off the shelves for those who dare
to think and find empathy for their fellowman
to relate to others’ suffering where you might not have been.

It’s not a first person shooter or a roll playing game.
It’s like nothing you’ve ever played or have heard named.
This game is about a man living with brain cancer.
His wife has a disease that does not help answer

their wondering who will raise their kids if they both die.
Wondering who will teach them morals despite
not having the loving arms around them they so deserve.
Not knowing the love that their parents once dispersed

like chicken nuggets and fountain drink colas.
As they hugged their children and walked their strollers.
This game sounds like fun and I bet you can’t wait
to find out there is more in the plot to relate

as both of their elders are also growing old and sick.
Both have cancer and now it’s this couple’s turn to pick
between living their short lives with love and joy
or taking care of their elders until death destroys

the one true love that either one has ever really known.
And if this game is not enough fun as shown
there is more to the plot that you might learn more from.
As each character experiences even more and then some.

They each begin to realize that their suffering is small
That there is a universe of suffering that unites us all.
Each character begins to have their own awakening.
It is your goal to allow this to happen before they are taken.

The enlightenment of each character is very different.
The little ones imagine talking dancing toys with easy temperament.
The adults imagine lost ones waiting for them high above.
For peace on earth and for all suffering to quickly turn into love.

Yeah this game is not like anything you’ve ever played.
Cause video games are not made like real life these days.
Cause we are better at escaping the reality that surrounds us
Than facing our shared problems that we all are thrust.

You will never find a game like this being sold.
Cause real life is not a game to buy and mold.
Real life gives you challenges that you might never beat.
Real life is making the most of life and accepting defeat.


  • another knock-out my man, awesome, frakin awesome. love the poem, love the video. i guess we can call this poetrideo…he he.



  • Thanks Akbar. What a beautiful prayer:
    Delusions are as various as the reflections of the moon on a rippling sea. Beings so easily become caught in a net of confused pain. May I develop compassion as boundless as the sky so that all may rest in the clear light of their own awareness.

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