chooses The Red Pill

The Globatron poem “Red Pill or Blue Pill” is currently (5-21-10) featured on the home page of
Adbusters has been my favorite magazine for nearly my entire adult life.  Often it’s hard to read.
Often it’s hard to look at.  It is more often than not a mirror of Western civilization and closely
reflects the zeitgeist.

It is always thought provoking.

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  • congrats on having this published at adbusters. proud of you, man.

  • they printed in the magazine as anonymous and then i had to remind them i submitted it. then once again they published online as anonymous. again i had to bug them and they changed it. such is life. they did send me a fifty dollar check for it though. i think i’m going to retire early with it. we blew it on pizza and a movie one night just to try and feel important.

    thanks mate.

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