Artist Statement

Option #1

I am interested in the connection between our own perceptions and the unknown. I am interested in trying to percieve the pattern of the golden mean and to try and draw from it’s energy. I believe that as a visual artist there is a great responsibility to attempt to capture beauty and truth.

I believe that these qualities are natural and pure and live below the surface of our consciousness, even in the worst of us. The goal for me is to take a step back. To detach myself from the activity or process of making art. To allow it to have a voice of it’s own. To allow it to draw it’s connections. To work off of my own internal rhythms. To work off of my own childhood dreams. My own adult awakenings.

In order to find a sublime subconsciousness that shapes my identity. Through this detachment I attempt to achieve perfection. An inner reflection. An outer reflection. A mirror of myself. A mirror of us all.

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