The best darn art podcast out there has a video section. (Bastards copied us!) uh, i mean, way to go mates!

Speaking of BAS and chicago…

Here is my JFK challenge, lets make the art scene in Jacksonville as rich, diverse, and dynamic as Chicago within TEN years!

absurd i know, but discuss…the hows, the whys…


  • I think an art group/team that didn’t give a flip about the art market or lack there of or the powers that be, who was willing to do performance art/installation art, anything art anywhere, on rooftops, bridges, parking lots, in the river even, with concepts that questioned everything and anything would have a big impact on the scene and could possibly show others that there doesn’t have to be a gallery scene to have an art scene.

    I know we’ve talked about developing such an art group but I think it’s high time we do so.

    I think if we do have such an art group that the contributors for globatron from other cities should be involved also by adding to the experiment in their local scenes. helping the projects grow from one city to the next.

    I think as soon as the artists here or in any other city with a small scene realize that if they truly want anything to happen they can make it happen. but waiting for a magic set of scenarios to happen, or funding to pop out of the thin air, then we will be waiting much longer than ten years. some of us may not even have ten years it seems.

    Team Globatron unite! The world is our oyster.

  • kurt polkey

    Let’s all meet at the Longhorn steakhouse after the “Making Marks” show. Or somewhere else.

  • morrison

    can’t make it to the show, esp has a baseball game that night.

  • Let’s do it. Start something, but we all have to at least meet in person one day.

  • globatron

    okay. here’s the globatron challenge. everyone who’s interested in joining Team Globatron complete one public performance/installation art project within a month from this post. Document it and submit it for being posted on

    I really think something like that could work. Just action inside our community. Folks willing to risk making a fool out of themselves in order to push the boundaries of their own artwork. I have a project I want to do. Could someone help me document it. It should only take thirty minutes on a weekend.

  • kurt polkey


    Send me an email, let me know when you want to do it.

  • globatron

    Yes… Let’s do it this weekend then Kurt. Thanks man. I’m open
    from 2-5pm. Shouldn’t take long. I’ll shoot you an email to tell you where to meet me. I only need to have you video it. Ten minutes tops. Very excited man. Appreciate it.

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