Cast it in Bronze:


Drawing, sculpting an image
out of thin air.
It is buried deep in there.
Now, I can only see it with
eyes closed.
I try hard to visualize
it like a prize.
To hold it close one day.

I see four figures holding
each other.
All in fetal positions.
The gap between loss
and redemption.
Grasping each other
in crossing.
in spooning.
A mom and dad.
Their two children.

From a flicker
I remember
when my brother and I
would break into my parent’s room.
Storming through their door.

To tickle fight
until we all could not stand
to laugh again.
So much love in
those moments.
Breaking fast
past the present.

To be born again,
into this generation when
laughter fills another room.
Another space.
Another safe home to
surrender to each other
to let our eyes meet.
Just to come up for air.
My wife and my two girls.

These are the figures
I would bronze.
I would immortalize.
To make a monument of love.
Of the bonds a family shares
before it all disappears.

Cast it in bronze.
Let it be found with the dinosaurs.
Let them know where love lived
so that it might live again.

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