Crossing the Rubicon

See the box with all your office
supplies quickly forced in.
All your family photos and
supplies packed up for you.
Gut shot.
You bled out, time there.
Never to be gotten back.

But life always offers
a new chance.
Never turn back.
Never read another motivational poster.
Remember the one with the eagle.
flying high. The words below read,
Dare to Soar.

A tool of sarcasm used
to remind you of all your forgotten dreams.
You clung to those words and deplored
the life choices you made along the way
passing that poster each day on the way
to the office kitchen.

Smile deeply as you pass it once more.
It is time to move on.
Your box is packed.
An archive of memories.
Pick a place on the map.
Be very specific.
To begin your trip
listen to your animal spirit.
If you don’t have one be the Eagle.

On the road, once you see your exit, don’t turn.
Burn past that exit sign.
Go straight.
Go forward.
A new life for which you yearn is waiting.
Let the die be cast.
The past is the past.
Drive on.
While there is still sand in the hour glass.

Wings outstretched.
There is nothing more
than the wind to guide you.
Enjoy not knowing.
A new exit will soon reveal itself.
You are crossing the rubicon.
An immigrant of time.
Navigate by the moon and sun.

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