Dead Man Walkin

I’m thirty five going on eighty.
Looking at life I find it shady.
No sun when I needed it.
Gray skies most days.

I find myself wanting
To get on my knees and pray.
To be thankful
And forget the rest today.

I am no Larry Page.
I will never be on stage.
I am no Bill Gates.
I can assure you mate.

My ideas are small.
My actions are smaller.
No changing myself.
No changing what’s left.

Poets are prophets
Only when dead.
Life is fruitful
For those who are led.

For those not seeking
A life worth living.
For those not searching
Life is not looking.

No money in the bank.
I am a grown man being frank.
Maybe a hero to my best.
Maybe a zero to the rest.

Big changes come small.
No sense in fighting the fall.
Big ideas have evolved.
I am another man with no legacy.

Nothing significant to give or save.
Another man taking more than he gave.
Nothing new created or solved.
Time to let the rest dissolve.

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