Democracy in Action

angry at being angry.
blame everyone for being blamed.
see jobs being jobs.
see government being government.

see politicians being politicians.
angry like me? then you are me.
know that i am nonsense just like you.
tired of political commercials as usual, usual.

then go outside and cry.
cry really hard, then try
to touch your toes. can you?
better run fast because it’s true.

they are coming for you.
black helicopters are flying over your house.
I don’t think you should think out loud.
shhhhh….. maybe you should just stop thinking.

two for ones are everywhere.
good times are here again.
forget about the gulf oil spill and the war.
forget about your neighbors multiple battle tours.

get angry at someone you don’t know.
blame all of your failures on him or her.
when you do that, you will feel the cure.
be sure and tell everyone who they should blame.

put a sign in your front yard to feel close to fame.
let everyone know you believe in the system.
cast your vote again and that will show them.
let them all know that you are no victim.

that you are democracy in action.

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