Digital Blackout

Cold turkey digital blackout.
Didn’t check my email for fear of a mental sellout.
All weekend not one pixel pushed.  Not one
email touched. Not one tweet as such.
And as I awoke the world was still here.

I realized I can step away from it all for a time.
That the world keeps on spinning just the same.
That the pundits will keep on keeping the World inflamed.
That their plastic bobble heads are imperfect as are we all.

Observed their sweaty, freckled, flesh rendered heads in High Def.
Makes me want to go and protest.  There is no need
to see such over realistic detail trying to sell their ideas as retail.
Digital electronic goggles to not think.  Pushed
on with glee.  Pry me off the couch and make
me move, please.  But let us not talk of politics or religion today.

My head is swimming from too much subversion.  Too many perspectives.
I want to speak of truth but truth is a word in Webster’s.
It’s not in a person’s observation.  Perceptions are
like the weather.  They change depending on the eyes you use.
It spins depending on what video clip you choose.

I’m suffering from Social Media burnout.  I want things to change
but I don’t know enough facts to point a finger and blame.
As our country fights two wars and its economy slowly
climbs out of a ditch.  I don’t know enough about health care
to make my pitch.  I know too many personally who are on the brink.
That if they were to get laid off or lose their pension, health care costs
would take everything before they could blink.

That none of us, even Congress are reading these 1000 page bills.
Because everything is way too complex now.  That neither side knows enough
to discuss their view in an educated hue.  I did not miss the plastic
talking heads this weekend.  They just talked and spewed more opinions
I assume.  I learned that there’s nothing wrong with turning your brain off for a few
days to not think. That the World will continue in its digital glory and will stay in perfect sync.


  • you are a poet and i know it.

    seriously Globatron, your poetry in the last few months has gone through some kind of change whereby it has a deep resonance and power. this is an amazing, emotional, and relevant piece.

    way to go, especially since the poetry operates on one level, where it is a form of social critique, but also it comes out of personal experience, an experiment, it is grounded in this.


    akbar lightning

  • Coming from you that is a great honor. I throw this stuff out there. I’m not sure if any of it really sticks but feels like an appropriate venue. Your reaction validates that. Thank you. Yes there is a personal and sociopolitical to all of them usually. It seems impossible for me to separate the political view from the personal perspective. Anytime I do the work tends to not be worth reading.

    Not sure if I would label myself a poet or this type of writing poetry. But they are really just something I have to do. I’m glad you are enjoying their evolution.

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