Do you mind?

Wars a cooking off in some distant land. Out of site.  Out of mind.  Do you mind? As oil prices have dropped.  And SUV sells have increased at least. CEOs are robbing our banks again.  Robbing our refrigerators as well, as the American worker is receiving their last paycheck with a good pat on the back and an at a boy. Nice to know ya, wouldn’t want to be ya.  But we can’t help it.  The numbers aren’t crunching as we keep on munching our soap opera, American Idol dreams.

The drug war is a whore, that has slam butted up to our borders. With hundreds of cadavers being found in the ditch, it’s just a glitch in the system that was missed. Supply and demand. Supply and demand. The cartels need guns to run their game.  Illegally smuggled guns from the U.S. get turned into any illegal drug you can imagine.  Imagine! American steel traded for highs and countless lows.

A new President who inherited a mess attempts to step up and revolutionize the game by making concerted efforts to reach out in town hall meetings, meetings with the governors, and emails directly to your Inbox. Are you reading them? Gets slammed by the opposing party for being the worst president ever because their arts are disappearing.  As the average American is wondering who had any money in the first place?  Do you?  I don’t.

The GOP is hell bent on tearing this country apart at the seems.  When we need unity we get petty party lines being split over fortunes disappearing due to choices made on their watch. The talking heads are making careers at finger pointing and smearing mud all over our faces. If any lesson could be learned from this travesty of justice, this much can.  None of it means a thing. All the toys, cars and objects that surround you are nothing. They don’t exist.  They never did. The American dream has been a mirage of smoke and mirrors.  Make it to lose it.  Climb the ladder just to have it yanked out from under you.  Keep your beacon score clean just to have medical bills stack up and take it all away.

Americans will learn the hard way, if it takes us standing in soup lines to do so.  The only thing we have are each other.  The friends and family around us are the only ones that matter.  Get your mind ready to grab your children, head out your front door, and never turn back.  We need to throw it all away to get it all back.  And by “ALL” I mean our humanity.  The core values that our civilization was founded on. Fairness.  Honor.  A man’s handshake meaning something. Anything. An oath, a promise meaning something. And integrity versus hypocrisy.

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