Don’t Forget to Breathe


Train for the end. To finish it. To win. With respect. Enter with a bow. Eyes always forward. To be aware of each moment. Train for the other side. Take your opponents position. And if you lose the battle, you will have won the war. You will be a ronin ready for, service. To meet your new master.

Train to serve yourself. To master your mind and body. To outlive any prognosis. To be more than any disease. To feel the power of the Tao in the breeze. As you practice striking knees by striking trees. As you feel the earth move beneath you. Control emotion through jogging and breathing. Lifting and pressing. Don’t forget to breathe, fully.

Train because you have to. Because you are alive. Because you survived, when so many didn’t. To run with the fallen. Listen as they whisper. Feel the presence of your ancestors. Singing running cadences of all platoons. Who have fought, in any war. Train for those who didn’t come back. If only a dream, dream it for them.

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