Drowning from Above

a light bearing down from above.
water with light not love.
filled with sand and earth.
gushing from the cavern to search.
your body and lungs and all you are.
what you are made of.
your soul. your desires. your internal fires.

what desires are left undone?
what was your dream and plan?
what is your conscious and subconscious struggle.
are you ready to be fully emerged?
be swept down the river and fully purged.
or do you wish to continue to stay behind?

life’s mission for you to find.
within seconds you are in a cocoon.
gravity and reality and all it entails.
you are here now and the river will always await.
no need to speed up your life and fate.
shake it off. shake it off. the mud and sludge.

remember your family, friends, love and such.
remember her as she called from the light.
don’t go, not yet. continue to fight.
a dream, a doorway, a reality. a new life.
awaits you when you are ready to delight.
but for now, live your life and continue to hold tight.

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