The good, the bad and the biased.

The vision has been tainted.

Cataracts have grown over the artists’ eyes.
The poets’ mouths has been duct taped.
Like sponges to our deconstructionist, post modernist history of
our history’s history we have not come to terms with our future or lack there of.

We have not painted the picture dearly.
We have not spoken the words clearly.
We have not given ourselves real options.
We have not created the meme that will save our asses.
We continue to drag on and battle in ignorance and mollasses.

Too concerned with politics and ideology we have allowed our minds to be clouded and muddied.

Consciousness unaware is a dumb eraser on the head of a child’s pencil.
He bites it until the tip is gone. He keeps chewing on it till the metal is crushed.
And then he spits out the tiny bits of yellow painted wood while he distracts himself
from his lessons. It is all disposable now. Garbage in. Garbage out.

Feeling lied to and unmotivated he takes up dogma. He takes up arms. He is inspired by the transcendental
but clings to virtues crammed down his throat by old systems of control.
He wants to be controlled.

We owe it to him and our species to have a collective path.
We are the keepers of this planet.
We maintain its systems.
We watch it glisten.
Or burn.


  • Krs

    Too long have they held the veil over our eyes.

    But we know that laws not based on the moral law shall inevitably be broken and we shall be set free.

    Fear-mongering and Politrix have enslaved the human mind.

    The truth shall set you free!

    Art for sale, Artist is not

  • Art for sale, artist is not. Very well said. My words will not make me a dime. Ever. I like it that way. There is freedom in that.

    I was inspired by the Terence McKenna podcast I posted today to go somewhere new with my words. My structure had become stagnant.

    That man speaks the truth for sure.

    He mentioned that the artists and poets had failed us. That struck a chord. What is the meme that will help create the movement that will help us find our collective path towards regaining our humanity?

    Do we just happen upon that meme or will it find us through the collective unconscious?

  • Krs

    The meme will come to us through the voices of men.

    Someone will come along who manages to sum up the feelings of a large enough group of people in a coherent way.

    The artist will create the image whether it be Frida Kahlo or Adolf Hitler and the silent mass will carry it on its shoulders until the idea fulfills it purpose.

    “It was right on everyone’s face. Tyler and I just made it visible. It was on the tip of everyone’s tongue. Tyler and I just gave it a name”

    Fight Club

  • Great input. Great quote.

    Chuck Palahniuk is definitely a truth seeker.

    The meme might already be among us and we just haven’t identified it yet.

  • i have always hated it when people hated particular words…i used to know somebody who hated the word ‘paradigm’…but i find the hairs go up on my neck every time i see or hear the word ‘meme’…and the only reason why is because it seems that the word ‘idea’ achieves the same goal…and does not get bogged down in unnecessary mysticism.

    anyways, i’m being nit-picky…meme seems like it makes a fashion out of ideas…and perhaps that is appropriate, as ideas must fashion themselves to what they are needed to do, but i like the notion of a unifying idea much more than a unifying meme, if only because an idea seems to be more embodied, more individual, and i think the individual, and individual glory is part of the solution, the revivification of heroism in an age where so much is surrendered to automatic processes.

  • I hear you Akbar. I didn’t like it till McKenna broke it down simply as the core of the idea.

    For instance the word freedom. It’s an idea and a word and has a vocabulary and philosophy and governments behind it. before the idea of freedom there was something more granular. Mole molecular. Ideas have words that can describe them memes are viral and can not be described. It’s a feeling more than a word or an idea.

    Memes can spread virally because they don’t have language. That’s the way McKenna broke it down and that’s how I understand it.

    But yeah it’s an overused fashionable word now. But to hear McKenna speak of memes in the late nineties and the power of them made me rethink the word as much more than fashion.

  • Greg

    FREEDOM is at best an illusion, We are all slaves to the quality of life we have created in this country. Think I am wrong? Take away something basic, like electricity. Without it our society decays quickly into chaos and savagery. The illusion of freedom is just that, and illusion. You only as free as the government allows you to be, that and society. Sometimes I begin to see you guys over analyze and think WAY too much. I know it is hard to accept but life is much simpler that most want to admit. We desparately desire for it to mean more to somehow enhance or amplify our mortality and importance to the world.

    Freedom, please tell me if anyone who breathes in the air watching this screen is truly “free”. I suppose it would be dependant upon your definition of what freedom is. Mine is more like the Joker’s idea, freedom only comes from living in a world where there are no rules.
    . Now let’s put a smile on that face……!

  • let those define freedom who are willing to proclaim they know of it, that they have experienced its reality…

    atheists often want those who have experienced the reality of God to denounce what they know. in this way, those who feel imprisoned by their lives resist the very people who are trying to cultivate the ancient human rascality that allows for some measure of liberation.

    freedom, like all of life’s experiences, are relative to the context, but just because it is not infinite, does not mean it does not exist. freedom from debt, freedom from the opinions of others, freedom from self-hatred, freedom from anger…

    greg, free yourself, if you feel imprisoned by your government. as to life’s simplicity, yes, life can be simple…but it does not have to be…some of us like it very complicated, very dense and adorned heavily with existential bling…we are not zealots here at globatron, we are not trying to convert anybody, but as long as you are here, we will argue for the value of what we are doing, and hope you will find something useful for your own journey.

    just as you think we analyze too much, i am of the opinion that many people don’t analyze enough, and because of this they are imprisoned by the complexity of a system that depends upon simpletons…that is my position, and i feel i have argued for it…keep providing your feedback, although i am defensive, i am happy to have your perspective…

  • Roboboy can delete all memories of the Joker in a second.

    His database is incorruptible.

    “Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?”

    So while my body is a slave to the tools it needs to survive.

    My mind shall stay free

    Roboboy guards the guards

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