I am a bald eagle

I am a bald eagle.
Proud and strong and free.
Angered when provoked.
Flying over thee.

I am a fundamentalist Christian.
I worship during the Super Bowl.
Fighting for family values.
Praying for your soul.

I fight for your gun rights.
Buy an assault rifle if you wish.
It’s your right as a citizen.
To hunt big game and fish.

I am closed minded and just fine.
With my choices that keep me blind.
About what the rest of the world thinks.
Because the strong should never apologize.

I listen to hate mongers each day and don’t blink.
I hang on each and every word to get me through the week.
I want my old country back, that is so close to the brink.
I believe fully in troop surges to fix any leak.

I gathered at town halls to yell and scream and shout.
I was a sleeping giant who could not speak out.
Now I am an awake giant who can not think.
I am a true patriot waiting for the call.

I put social issues before it all.
If government doesn’t line up with what my Bible teaches.
Then it must fail or fall or bust, it must.
If you are not a pro-lifer then you will be libel it preaches.

I am amassing weapons for the end times.
My 10 year old can clean and shoot a rifle in no time.
That knowledge is the best present you can give them.
Cause this world is headed for Armageddon.

I am an American.

(In honor of the paranoid minority who claim to be the majority.)

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