Into the Great Unknown

The human condition.
Is addition.
Is subtraction.
Big bang.
Big boom.

And depression.
And obsession.
The power to create and fall.
The power to destroy us all.

I am human now.
Walking upright.
Thumbs for texting.
Ego for besting.

But what can I teach you?
There are so very few
Who want to receive.
Who want to believe

In themselves.
You are the everything.
You are the pollution
You are the solution.

For you are to live with passion.
That is all you have.
There is nothing more to esteem.
This is the infinite theme

All the prophets have preached.
Look deeply within self.
And find Science.
And call it God.

Look deeply within self
And find peace.
And end all wars.
That is what your heart is for.

Look deeply within self
And find your mission.
All of us are assistants.
All of us are professors.

Profess your mission high and low.
Make all the formulas in the universe glow.
If not all the knowledge in the world is dead.
Nothing but recipes to make bread.

No need to learn anything more.
For the human species is a dirty whore
Unless we look within.
Realize that only from inside it begins.

No more empty hole to fill.
No more sleepless nights forced taking pills.
Living with passion you won’t need sleep.
Each moment a time to leap

Into the great unknown.

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