Into the Gulf

rocks rinse hard time.
aging rhythm through tides.
singing lullabies to
tens of thousands
of sunrises and sunsets.

egrets are dinosaurs
sitting and waiting for lunch
to swim by.

fly high.
ospreys nimble as fighter jets.
sweep low and dip.
necks into waves.
stab dinner.

bellies roll onto backs.
sun worshippers wait
in a white line to bake.
not knowing to preheat
the oven.

watch sunburns and suntans
migrate from cars to sand.
from up North to down South.
we planned this trip
for a year.

to surrender to the ocean.
take all watches off.
track time through the sky.
feel your body sink in.

fishermen and shell hunters.
kayakers and paddle boarders.
mansions and shacks.
all perched, looking out into
into the gulf.
not looking back.
filling up our floats.
patching up our holes.
to begin anew.

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