Line of Sight

We are the predators. The perpetrators. The exiles. That have hunted our own people and made them our slaves. Have locked them in boxes and sold them, to get paid. There is no sport like hunting an armed man. The ones who wish to do us harm in our lifespan. We have practiced our skills with a bow and a gun. Sharpened our blades and waited for the hunt to begun.

On holiday we go out into forests stocked with deer. Sit in our camouflaged stands and wait nobly as we peer through the scope. Hope that a prized overfed animal will walk by. So we can connect to the primordial we have lost. The feeling of tracking ones prey. Taking meat back to the camp where our children play. Using every part of the animal to revamp your life. Build shelter and make needed clothes. Maybe store food for the winter which is sure to come. A life-cycle repeated so many winters as we follow the sun.

Now we drive through and order our grade F meet. Open up the freezer and grab an ice pop for a treat. Drink coffee to wake up in the morning. We all need a stimulus to keep us all going. I watched two movies tonight. Walked out of one and went into another without a fight. 3D modeling is used to trick the eye and entertain. The plots of each should never be written again. Formulas we have all seen repackaged and seen on the screen.

Our movies are a mirror of our culture. Blockbuster pictures are the nexus of the culture we port, to other cultures who hang onto our every word we report. Terrorists hate the culture we produce. They see it as evil and an affliction on the earth we abuse. And I hate to tell my countrymen that I sadly agree. I never grew up wanting to play this game of fake monopoly. I don’t apologize to the Taliban who abuse their people. But I admit some of their concepts might be worth addressing.

We are all the ones that can now be blamed. Life became too easy. Finding food and shelter were no longer our primary function. We redirected our energy back to the primal action. To kill a man who is armed is the biggest of sports. Find a reason to hate him and his culture and that becomes even easier to sort. For there is no morality to the way we all live at the moment. No harmony with the planet for which we should all seek atonement.

For we are all predators at the core as our brains have evolved. Top of the food chain, we now have solved. Every major issue a species could ever have. Now we must relate to each other with the brains we have used to survive. With no natural enemy we have finally arrived. Predators we are of our own species. Killing each other virtually or in person to be free. For we never will forget our basic nature that has made us succeed. Line of sight. Steady as she goes. Pull the trigger and watch it blow.


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