Love Hate

I wish to write something terrible.
Something you all will hate.
I am thinking of words that I can put together.
Words that will make you cringe forever.

But I don’t believe that is possible today.
The T.V. tells us of such horrors that we pay
In our collective psyche as we mourn
For the soul of humanity that has become porn.

That seduces us each day as it glitters
On the screen of our sins as we litter
The temple of God that we inherited.
I can not make work of such terrible merit.

I can not put words together for you
That will make you flame this view.
Children were butchered in China.
The oil spill gushes near Louisiana.

The Times Square bomb had financiers.
Nashville was flooded as America veered.
The U.K. has a new government.
Greece has lost its tourniquet.

Americans still can not find jobs.
Poland lost all its leaders in one crashed lob.
Haiti is still suffering from their earthquake.
My mom is watching with a real headache.

These words were shuffled in a machine.
My brain played scrabble to make this scene.
Hit me with your critique if you so wish.
I am not afraid of the words you might dish.


  • this is actually a pretty hard-hitting poem…

    the image is great too, both of them, but the baby with the tatoos is crazy…

    as bizarre as this debate has been, i feel it is doing its work on the site, making us all more conscious…

  • Thank you again my friend. Well I wish you’d hate it. I’m sure the photo is some photoshop witchcraft.

    I’ll have to try harder next time to really make a bad poem. I’m sure someone hates it out there. i beg of you hate my work. please.

    Love can get old quickly.

  • crystl37

    Okay globatron, I am not particularly fond of this poem, it pales in comparison to eskimo cysts, which I read first. There, does that make you feel better?

    I agree with akbar, this is pretty hard hitting, but only because seeing what is going on in the world in one continuous list is rather disturbing. Mostly in this piece you regurgitate the headlines, cleverly arranging ending syllables, to paint a chaotic verbal portrait of our life on the brink, and your self perceived inability to compete with the horrors paraded before us on television screens.

    Did you do this on purpose, to showcase the linguistic stylings of your next post? Were these actually written, or just posted on the same day?

    I ask because the expression of eskimo cysts is so incredibly awesome, for lack of a better word. You capture the irony so inherent in our crumbling society, built by our ancestors on imaginary currency and an elaborate lie. A lie which has evolved into apathy; apathy and ignorance so deep that the secret governmental and financial workings so carefully cloaked to perpetrate the illusion; now discovered by the periphery of the mainstream, are blatantly spoken right out loud as if to mock: “yes you figured it out, but it doesn’t matter, you can change nothing, but we can change your life at will-like to try us?”

    The perpetration of man against man is hard enough to witness, but we have become desensitized. Enter the oil pumping into our ocean, the carcasses of dolphins, fish and birds, the fact that Haliburton is involved, the miles of useless inflatable buoy, it would be incomprehensible if it werent happening right before our eyes. I am totally bewildered by these events, and you captured all my emotion in the words of that poem.

    Perhaps the place we are in, globally, locally, personally can no longer be addressed in classic poetic form- properly structured grammar, conventional sentence construction. To use a term from the Law of One, the vibratory/sound complex of this density, replete with distortions, is not adequate for communication of universal concepts. Maybe literary conventions and age old rules of written expression need to be questioned…let the deconstruction begin!

  • crystl37

    or, i should say, continue…..

  • wow, crystl37’s comin out swingin…he he…just kidding…

    i am not being argumentative when i make a slight distinction concerning what seems like our ‘desensitization.’ i don’t think we are desensitized..i think it is the opposite, i think we are daily made aware of our powerlessness to a set of ideological machines that are wreaking havoc on us…21st century frankensteins…that feeling makes us want to numb ourselves, but we are not numbed by it…

    one of the things i think globatron (site) is good at, is remaining in touch with the feelings of outrage, or fear, or terror, or awe, all of which are available to us…but also, there is a slight bit of hope here for the coming together of those types of people who just might have a means for coping…that has always been my hope…

  • Bravo. I am proud to make this break through. Thank you for not liking it. I have succeeded. Apathy is the enemy. Yes they were done on the same day. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Your thoughts give me more insight than than the poem does for sure. I have always felt it is our responsibility to share this type of information with each other.

    This poem does list the headlines. You are correct. This poem was birthed from my subconscious as all my work is but it was forced. This format of poetry has a very hard format and is not fluid. Even though I am being guided there is a rhyme scheme that often times am at a loss of words to complete.

    “Eskimo Cysts” is not forced and is completely fluid and it was the first style of writing I developed.

    But to your thoughts are so true. What can we do? The lie is now our lives.

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