Mankind in Movement


Running. Reading. Burning. We monitor all. Eating paleo. Vegan. Taking group classes on how to move like cavemen. It began by wondering what workout plan would allow us to utilize our gene set to the max. While Jumping. Carrying. Hauling. Running barefoot is no longer barefoot. It is rubber and nylon designed to protect bare feet. Replicating motion. Studying native cultures. Gathering before sunrise to do a workout of the day and compete. Most reps. Fastest time. Best form. Bring it on.

We are a complex people. We eat and drink now to live for performance. We seek to monitor our steps and calories while streaming music. Streaming consciousness. Stepping out for the night. Drinking light. Drinking high alcohol with no sugar. Eating organic only, no GMO, grass fed before killed and bled. So much group thought into this living now. We are standing up from crawling. Giving group hugs for a workout well done. For being human.

Quickly evolving. Nostalgic for what we were. Where the third world still is. Simulating starving to burn our excess. Learning while stretching muscles we never knew we had. With decades of head down. Staring at glowing boxes with frowns. We are standing up from our computers now. Lengthening our spines and necks. Keeping our backs straight. Focused on our posture. Working on closure. From where we came. There is no app for that. For where we are going. There is no precedent. No measure for how far our minds and bodies can now go.

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