Meditation on Magnetism

Transients we all are.
Passing under the radar.
Not a blip on the screen.

Only objects seen
in our memories.
Magnetism unites

And separates.
Lose your charge.
Drop like a card.

Through the ground.
The earth, moon and stars
All separated by this charge.

So infinite and small.
Repulsing and uniting all.

Godlike its invisible surge.
One solar flare; humanity purged.
Separated from the urge

And desire to be more.
For your power will decide
If humanity will collide.

Or realize our potential.
To leave this rock in tow
To travel with your flow.

Let it be known
Whatever you decide to do
I will always respect you.


  • Naznwa

    I did. The grandchildren came to visit, and so did some of my frndies, and my offspring sent me a $50 gift certificate for Amazon. So I was well taken care of. Should I admit that I spent the gift certificate finishing my collection of Buffy and buying one season of Angel? I never watch TV shows while they are on; I wait till they are off and somebody insists on showing me the DVDs of one season, and then I decide whether I want to buy the whole thing. That way I don’t get caught up in such a way that I get hysterical if I don’t get home in time to see my TV show, as a certain man who lives not very far away from me like ten feet used to do until I promised I would buy him all the seasons of The Closer! He now has them.Anne

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