Meditation on Radiation

I worked daily with you.
I took out your trash.
No clue my cells were mutating.
Dancing within your microscopic view.

You surely courted them anew.
Sold them a truth I did not know.
Giving me a tumor inside my head.
Changing the direction of my life’s thread.

No longer able to focus on the mundane
My life was forced to merge into the fast lane.
Two brain surgeries and a year of chemo ago.
I stand here asking where do I go?

Your invisible energy entrusted so.
Now you sit up on your mountain top
Waiting for the next victim to adopt.
Your lesson is that we all fear death.

That it can end as quickly as one deep breath.
To always follow the next step.
To focus deeply on love and watch it grow.
To always look inward and let it go.

Now I’m left with a huge mass and an empty hole
Where your energy probed.
You raped my brain and set me aglow.
Your frequency is everywhere, that much I know.

Radiation, I accept you into my life and data flow.

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