Mutts, All of Us

i want to have an informed opinion. worthy of sharing, to help give direction. my current direction is no direction. stay put. sit in a room. concentrate on your problems, fix yourself first.

i have two projects on my desk. to apply for a handicapped parking permit and to increase my life insurance. my death insurance. we are all assured of an ending. fancy casket or cardboard box. ashes in a coffee can. or a huge grave plot, for the whole family. generation after generation.

preparing for death, i read of border issues. Israel and Palestine issues. i think of Moses leading his people out of Egypt. let us have peace. surrender the land. you are surrounded. you can have Texas. Where is Moses?

spoke to a geneticists. she asked us where my family came from. having taken a DNA test recently, I was able to say English and European Jew. I am much more of a Jew than my dad ever thought he was a Chickasaw Indian. He was so proud to be Native American. Mutts, all of us.

I have no dog in this fight, but I think of the plight of the Jew. the history of never having land. always threatened. always on the move. to finally have land. a place to call home after near extinction. I think I understand, why they want to make a stand.

why have the tribes divided man? I think this as I remember when I’d yell at the T.V. wanting my team to win. I want my daughters to be athletes. to be agile. to be able to fight and run fast. to leave them with a plan. when this happens use this technique. a poke to the throat. fingers to the eyes. bend your knees. scream until you are released. then run.

never be too proud to leave everything behind and start over. In Florida, we live in hurricane country. there is a mantra we all have inside, “never get too attached.” when the storm rises to wash the coast clean, again. in a day, your home, your town will be blown all away.

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