One Ball and One Man

dirty_baseballYesterday, I found a baseball hiding in a park.
I practiced throwing the ball to hit a tree.
To feel the extension of the object
between target and me.
To prepare my arm for throwing ball,

I felt the spear.
I felt the bullet.
I felt the target going back to when
they were called dinner.
The hunted.
The prey.
Now, the enemy.

I felt all the entry and exit wounds
of all of mankind, throughout time.

I envisioned them as one.
One red bleeding hole.
Through bone, mind and body.
Through tanks and planes.
In that split second
throwing a ball against a tree.

Not hitting my target I felt
robbed of any
primitive control
of mind or limb.
Of a time when, man took
tools in hand.
Built cities
and then
Burned them all down.
Killing family and friend.
One ball and one man.
Both not sure where they now fit in.

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