Open Hand Covers Closed Fist

Om. The deep universal hum. Open eyed. Wide. Tattooed on backs. Etched on urns. Memorized character by character. Thought as a threat. Scrolls smuggled and burned. Hunted, for millennium. The awakened threaten all power.

Secrets kept in open breath. To inhale long. To exhale from tongue, through active mouth. Hot breath to warm hands. Cold breath to cool tea. Belly full. Centered inside you. The knowledge – guarded by stoic lives to see through, three eyes. To live The Way. The journey, we find each day. There are no coincidences. Open hand covers closed fist.

As the trail drifts from mountain top to village. River to stream. Soft and hard one team. Master word and staff. Master sword and craft. Practice for that one moment. To add ones breath to hum, when death comes. Open arms. Release breath. Om.

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