Pinko progressive liberal scum

Today I woke up without sin.
I received my unemployment check again.
For a moment I look back at my history and beliefs.
For one, I believe in the commander-in-chief.

I have a fine arts education.
I have no love for any nation.
I want to make a better life.
I want to take care of my family and wife.

Part of the creative class I am.
In the past I filled your inbox full of spam.
I work endlessly each day with technology.
Moving buttons instead of my body.

I believe in universal health care.
Everyone should have that right because it’s just fair.
The people at the top should be taxed more.
Instead they get richer as we grow more poor.
Opinion based news should be illegal.
Freedom of speech should be reserved for the people.
Pundits fill our citizenry full of hate.
A ticking time bomb they manipulate.

I don’t believe in the wars we are fighting.
I believe they will produce more terror than righting
The wrongs from when the towers fell down
As they dropped so neatly without a sound.
I don’t own a gun, and I’m not preparing for the end.
I feel life is now, and I want to grow old with my friends.

I feel separation of church and state is being attacked.
So many policy issues are not based on fact.
I cling to no flag or religion to make up my mind.
I see no borders between countries in order to be kind.
I dream of a day when there is no political infighting.
I wait patiently online for the news of that sighting.
I am a progressive liberal who believes in human rights.
I will continue to shoot out resumes all day waiting for a bite.


  • Faythe

    Thankyou sir jaha rahepani hami ghdkarune ghdkarune nai hau . yo manma ghandruko maya bairahnchha .aja yo jun bata ghandruk ko naya samachar padna pauda hami dirai khusi lagiraheko chhau . sir audha din haro ma pani abasya pani naya naya sachar padna paune asa gardachau ra antama gaun lagi kehi sahayog ma hami pani prayes gardchhu GHANDRUK SAMAJ HK

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