Poison Jewels


Ten days to prove my love.
To find a gift to show how above
it all my feelings for my family are to thee.
How my love should not be bought for free.

As the Grinch stole Christmas I didn’t want it back.
He could have kept it and never gotten attacked
by me for having the forethought to kill this greed.
How over-consumption has become our creed.

Spend more on me and you will see
How much more love you will get from me.
Buy me plastic toys from sweat shop rice paddies
Lay them at my feet and I will say I love you daddy.

As our world is crying and melting before our eyes.
We talk a good talk then buy more junk to throw into a trunk
when the Holidays have ended and our kids no longer care
for the poison jewels we have laid at their feet so bare.

So pure was their flesh when they greeted this planet.
Then we slowly inundate them with objects that would end it.
Their purity that drifted down the creek as we let our BlackBerrys beep.
Texting while driving and trying to keep the kids from crying.

As the United Nations sits in Copenhagen to make big decisions.
I believe we should make a choice that would create much division.
Let us stop buying  gifts for Christmas altogether.
Let us celebrate it by holding hands as we say a short prayer.

Let us not embrace the garbage we are trying to quit producing.
Let us stop buying the stuff that keeps us polluting.
Let our children learn to fill their emptiness with love.
Let our love be more than stuff that is flown in from high above.

Let Christmas not be about stuff that is disposable.
Let us make all our gifts by hand and make them indispensable.
Let us tell stories about the man who was named Jesus.
Let us talk about how he lived and what that should mean to us.

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