quickly splinter

Try not to think of it in terms of right and wrong.
Try to think about it is as finding your path.
Because it is your actions that will last.
Because from every mistake there is a lesson.

Try not to think about it as us against them.
Try not to think about a group with a plan.
Because most groups have more foes than friends.
Because we are truly alone in the end.

Try not to doubt yourself too much too.
Try and stand by the decisions you have made.
Because thoughts become your mind’s view.
Because thoughts help sharpen your blade.

Try to look forward and project.
Try to think big and small act.
Because you are adding to your secret formula.
Because you are part of the human dramula.

Long range sensors have picked up a new life form.
It is intelligent and knows exactly who you are.
It is so fast it defies time and space.
Its numbers so vast it knows no place.

Without your observation it does not exist.
It takes on a shape so fleeting you can’t resist.
Names and definitions we put to things we can’t see.
To things inside of us, maybe even a universe or three.

We are all spinning urgently towards our center.
Bombarding into others as we quickly splinter.
A core gravity we trace around and around.
At once we are lost and at once we are found.

The journey begins with no end in site.
Your consciousness knows the true beauty of flight.
Your mind remembers the energy long spent.
Your pairing with like particles that happily bent.

Magnetism pulls you closer together.
Aligning your operating systems for bad weather.
An upgrade will come soon before the storm.
Evolution will happen and we will find reform.

Try not to think about politics and the news.
Try not to think about the 2010 blues.
Because life is too short and that’s what matters.
Because energy cannot be created nor shattered.


  • Logocentric

    wow! beautiful. this is truly an amazing poem. i loved reading it.

  • thanks mate. really appreciate the support. i was trying to think about inner space but
    it’s so hard to visualize. there is no Hubble telescope for the atom…yet. can’t wait till the nanobot Hubble Inner Space Microscope shows us the universe within.

  • crystl37

    “We are all spinning urgently towards our center.
    Bombarding into others as we quickly splinter.”

    I absolutely adore this line-may I use it as my facebook status for a little while?

    It is so exciting to find you globatron, the validity of your work is evident to me and I am anxious to share it with people I know will agree!

  • crystl37

    “We are all spinning urgently towards our center.
    Bombarding into others as we quickly splinter.” globatron

    I should say!

  • Please feel free and thank you for the kind words. I often don’t feel as if I’m writing these words so it’s hard to take any credit. It’s as if these thoughts were there before I put them together. I just try and open myself up to them as often as I can. It is a great feeling to know that others might find some comfort in them.

  • Bravo! love the reminder that we are all alone, suffering the necessary finitude of being isolated individuals…that we all must face the big bang eventually.

    and welcome to Crystl37!


  • as someone who just got laid off about four hours ago I must say that sometimes reading my own words is like talking to someone else. I find solace in the fact that we are all alone in this journey too Akbar. It’s the unity in that aloneness that is comforting.

    so as my life embarks on its next journey and huge life decisions are soon to be made I am trying to remind myself to think about the miracle of life by thinking about outer space and inner space and the spark within us all. how insignificant being laid off seems when one thinks about black holes swallowing entire galaxies or thousands of homeless folks living under sheets in Haiti and throughout the world.

  • crystl37

    That is so interesting what you say about the words already being there-I get that feeling from them exactly – it is very difficult to put into words,(how ironic, that I can not put into words the effect that words have on me).

    I send my regrets for the loss of your job – (this may be easy for me to say as I have to be at work Monday morning)- but perhaps you are being liberated to develop your work and resonate on a higher frequency. Let’s face it-we are the people of the last days- I know it and I think you know it and many of us have much work to do.

    What philosophers, dreamers, religions, and fallen civilizations have prophesied about since the beginning time as we know it is upon us. The realization of this fact is seeping itself into my consciousness as ‘time’ whizzes by at an ever increasing rate. I don’t know what to do with myself exactly, I just keep absorbing knowledge voraciously whenever I am not at work, it seems like every night I gain new understandings and find more things that, to quote Akbar Lightning, “verified my primary thesis(s) about life”.

    What I am trying to say is, in a way, I’m almost jealous.

    Best Wishes on Your Journey

  • Yes, perhaps I am being liberated to develop more important work. I like that idea as well and yes we have much work to do.

    I’m excited about what my path might bring.

    A couple of times you have mentioned not being able to put things into words. I’m interested in where you feel that is coming from. What do you feel is blocking you from expressing your thoughts? I ask because when I write lately i don’t know exactly what I am saying either. I just try and open myself up and be an empty receptacle for the words that find me.

    Often i type blindly with my eyes closed with no idea what will come out. I’m wondering if an approach like that might help you find your words if you are interested in finding them.

  • crystl37

    Oh I am most interested in finding them (my, or, ‘the words’). What I think that we are both experiencing, (me just recently) is the phenomenon of the unraveling of our egos. The realization that the truth exists, complete with words, and that if we allow ourselves, we are able to access this dimensional knowledge and share it within the confines of this 3 dimensional plane.

    “Isolation of the Thinker” spoke volumes to me, and the act of expressing to you my struggle to communicate seemed to flip a switch, so to speak, in my psyche. Suddenly I know that I don’t need to over think or analyze or agonize over what wants to flow from my hand-I can’t tell you how many comments I have begun to write elsewhere-even here at very first-and deleted them after wrangling around with wondering how other people would receive them or how I would be perceived. I guess that was the blockage-

    I have for months been trying to construct in my mind a way to present what the impending culmination of the last 42 years is revealing to me now. I think it is starting to come together- thank you so much for the inspiration.

  • That is wonderful. I’m am so glad to hear it. There is no judgment here. We try to keep this as open as possible and I am in the process of removing the my, I and mine from as much of my actions as possible too so I think we are both working on that. I definitely think that is a lifelong process. I feel the words we share are not “our” words alone. They are part of the collective We.

    If you ever feel like sharing your revelations on Globatron as a post please feel free as we’d love to have you share your findings, searching, exploring, etc. with us.

  • crystl37

    Thanks again globatron, as a matter of fact, the next thing I was going to do was inquire about posting here other than just commenting. At a certain point recently I thought maybe it was a computer thing that was hindering my expression so I wrote some things on paper that apparently need to be digitized. Perhaps that will be a good starting point.

  • That would be a great starting point and we would be honored to read your thoughts and have a dialogue about them with you. So glad to hear it.

    I just spoke with Akbar on the phone and we are both happy that you are joining this process. Whatever that process may be as we are still defining it.

  • crystl37

    Thanks so much for your welcome- you have made me feel very comfortable and it is much appreciated.

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