Sacred Space


We make our sacred space. We burn sage and hope dark spirits
are not watching. We don’t know if they are there but we’d rather
prepare. We prepare for flow. The way the light and air move through
our front door into out back. Is there logic in the structure. Consciousness in our selection of pattern and color. Something larger than us. Something watching us. Giving us its blessing. Understanding the meaning of “Good fences, make good neighbors.”

We dream big. Of having a home where our little ones can play safely.
Not feeling watched. Our backyard their forest. Their passage way to wilderness. Their Alaska. Their tropical island where imagination is the only boarding ticket. In our twilight we see a swimming pool and a cabin. A meditation garden. A playground built to last till they leave the house for college. We see a fish pond and a butterfly garden. We see a sacred space. Where we can stare at the stars as one. One family under our Sun. Embracing each other as we are spun from one year to the next.

We are one mile behind ten miles of strip malls. In the center of everything. Two miles to all big box stores. We are on a road off the beaten track. A no stop light road. Hidden on our cul de sac. You would think we’d feel safe but we put up a fence to protect our backs. Keeping out wolves who might live in the heart all neighbors. Will we find peace with this wall between homes.  

We pretend we are settlers keeping out the darkness. So there is no attack. On our privacy. On our trees which have been cut back without consent. With this fence our space is ours alone, now we are free to roam. Never to think again of any prying eyes of insanity that might bloom.

With our fence we project a laser beam of red light. Our physical boundaries refined. We will hold hands and burn sage. We will make a spiritual act of reclaiming psychic territory. To turn another page. We will bless this place. Sacred space make us…. Free of hatred. Free of judgement. Full of grace. Full of forgiveness.  For good fences, make good neighbors.

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