The Cancer Pull Up Challenge

Ingredients: Pull up bar, Gravity, Strength.

No natural resources needed to complete this challenge.

Options: Video yourself doing pull ups then challenge a friend to do the same or donate to cancer research and awareness at:

Thx all. #braintumor #cancerpullup

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Climbing Again
Pull up strength is primitive. Primate. Connects us back to the native. The monkey. The ape. The naked. The helpless. Pulling ourselves up for safety from the hunters of our flesh. Before we had to push we had to pull. Pushing is modern. Is for moving objects horizontally. Pulling is for going up vertically. Quickly. Without running.

From ashes to ashes. From tree to ground. From life to death, to disease, we round the corners and begin our climb back up into the infinite. Our only enemy now. Time. Gravity. Strength. Endurance. Train hard. Stick around. Learn to climb again.


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