The Dull City Upon the Hill

The shining city upon the hill
No lights anymore, no one paid the bill.
As it fought to borrow itself out from
The debt the hill was made of.

No more music filled the air.
Public broadcasting cut to be fair.
Education funding had become undone
No more public schools for children to learn.

No more NPR  that right wingers feared.
Lack of funding used as a tool to censor.
Conservatives have made all others indentured
To their God, their Bible and their Guns.

Separation of church and state a lie.
Presidents must be Christian or else.
I believe he’s a Muslim myself.
When we should truly question what was done.

The illegal war not funded and sold.
Criminal mortgages bought like gold.
The economic bubble did burst.
We continue to fund our military thirst.

The shining city upon the hill
No more culture to light its way.
Nothing to bind us together as one.
The culture war borrowed, sold and won.

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