The Empty Hole

the closest i have ever come to God
is right here.
typing words that appear
as if I am being guided.
the closest i have come to facing death
is right here.
telling stories of when i was broken.
telling stories of when i felt chosen.

to continue to live.
to continue to walk again.

the closest i have come to communion
with the universe.
is through this process.
and the time I invest.

in the infinite.
space that can not be caressed.
the bits and bites within this site.
friends and enemies I love and fight.

the strongest i have ever felt is right here.
writing words that bring me to tears.
to share with you all as if in confession.
as if you are my priest in this lesson.

in order to be one i must come undone.
share the secrets i have kept for years.
let you know of my cancer fears.
so that you might find strength.

so that you might realize your fullest potential.
i am disposable, just merely a vessel.
to help you realize we all have that empty hole.
to help you see the light within your soul.

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