The Great Experiment

demonic males

Nature knows no innocence.
It knows no morality.
Nature is a raiding party.
Scouting the other group
at night, waiting, observing
to see their numbers.
To try and catch one half asleep, alone.
To kill the enemy in their slumber.
That is nature’s war.

For nature is a trickster.
Using the dastardly deed.
It invites the enemy over to feast
as friend not foe.
To make amends.
To dream together.

Until sleep comes.
Only to wake to beat their target till dead.
Slaying with surgical precision.
To feed on their innards.
Scoop out hearts as they beat
in their hands.
This is nature.
This is nurture.
This is man.

To look to understand
examine our ancestors.
Look at the primates.
Look at the males.
See their ultra-violent
history for killing and rape.
To take what they see is theirs.
To procreate.
To create their own kingdom.
Only to have it taken away
by the first young male to see an angle.
To conspire to make a bloody triangle
around the alpha.

After all, the silverback gorilla is the chief
baby killer, guarding females from other
baby killers. Hidden in a forrest
where infanticide is the norm.

The beta is always in waiting.
While all females are beaten.
Children are slaughtered and eaten.
Fear is the tool of the trade used to control.
To mold the group into each role.

To control territory.
To control resources.
To continue progeny.

Nature has no favorites.
Knows no religion.
Knows no culture.
Created xenophobia.
Favors violence.
From primate to man.
If one can see our challenges then,
through that lens.

We have a long road to travel.
For demonic males
are inside us all.
Inside our genes.
He is our mother and father.
He is our politics.

To win the war.
To survive it all.
It is our nature we battle.

For nature does not care who wins or loses.
To win or lose, makes no difference at all.
For time will always prevail, as all species fall.
The great experiment continues to evolve.

This book is highly recommended. If you read it the horrible news stories on todays media will sound normal. Expected. Like apes with better tools. Doing what apes do. The same old story. Different species.

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