The Invention

I am watching everyone make their mark.
Using ideas and technology to make their start.


What is my worth with no web application to birth?

Cook it down, on a slow simmer.
Until the idea glimmers.
Until there is no sound.
Until my mind becomes unbound.

I can no longer compete.
So I won’t.
The giants have won.
I live daily that defeat.

What is my target?
Who is the monster I want to harvest?
Slingshot in hand, I will take my aim.
I will mock the monster and call it names.

My invention will not do all things.
No bells and whistles to ring.
One thing it will do the best.
Once I find that function I can rest.

The world will rejoice and use this invention.
And remember the tool that did one thing.
Like fire it will forever change the game.
Like water it will thrive and life will never be the same.

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