The little Lord Jesus no tape for his leg.

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The little Lord Jesus no tape for his leg.
Fell off our kitchen table and nearly broke his head.
As our little girl was playing with her new Jesus set
the new ceramic character slipped from his place mat.

Today our house found Jesus reduced to matter
As the force of gravity made his small body shatter.
On the way home just now our girl asked had we fixed Jesus.
Did we not find the right glue that would help please us?

It would seem our little girl had seen a nativity set
and thought it was just another cool toy she should play with.
Just another object that she could add to her collection
of meaningless symbols and icons of consumption.

Even though we told her the significance of this baby boy.
How people worshipped him and that he was not just a toy.
She quickly went about playing as if he was just a Barbie doll
with wise men, a manger and animals in their stall.

As the little Lord Jesus fell quickly from above.
We yelled at our little one and forgot all our love.
We forgot how this season should not be about things
As we decorate our houses with objects as if they have wings.

We quickly corrected ourselves and gave her a hug.
Told her that we’d fix Jesus and gave ourselves a tug.
That we should put less emphasis on the stuff around us.
That no matter the symbolism we should not make a big fuss.

That the innocence of youth can be so easily stolen away.
That to her, Jesus is just another toy to play with, to our dismay.
She can play with the little Lord Jesus, as if he has no fame.
There is something beautiful in that, we think should remain.


  • did they have to make his face look like sloth from the goonies…

    great poem…fix jesus now….that would be a great bumper sticker…

  • Thanks again mate. Or maybe…. Fix Horus Now…. would be more appropriate. Merry Winter Solstice.

  • Buddy

    Poor baby Jesus!

    I’m glad that y’all have a Nativity scene! Where was it purchased?

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