The Mental Picture

Imagine a network node of your consciousness
Extended outward to all other nodes
To the great upload.
Forever creating and retrieving data.

Flowing and dangling loosely like a tree in the weather.
Limbs stretched outward and upward.
Leaves bending and branches stretching in the river.
The mental picture…

This site has tentacles
That reach into inner and outer space.
Spreading consciousness to the human race.
This site connects my mind and heart to this place.

Downloading the passion I feel we need to face.
This site is much more to me than what it may seem.
It has become bigger than I could have ever foreseen.
The topics discussed primordial and never dreamed.

Where do we all belong in this culture?
This site is my job I now know.
Everything I do is to help this site grow.
To share my life experiences with you all.

To have more enlisted to its call.
So we might know each other better.
So we might grow stronger together.
This is my mental picture.

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