The one true God is blind


The one true God is judging me.
He looks through your eyes and sees.
He thinks of how I have not turned to him
and bowed my knee to you.

Through your eyes he watches us
bomb countries and children in the name of him.
Through your eyes he worships
and loves and sees all of them.

The one true God is judging you.
Through your eyes he sees your deeds.
How you’ve raped this planet and not raised a hand.
How you’ve thought of conspiracy throughout the land.

Through my eyes he sees you too.
How you size me up and and think of my lost soul.
How you talk openly about your savior
as if we all live in a fish bowl.

The one true God is judging us all.
As we fight over social issues and things that might
make the difference in each others lives.
As we fight over faith vs. science instead of human rights.

Through our eyes God is blind.
Because we don’t see but judge each other.
Because we don’t see the love within one another.
Because we would rather kill than be kind.

The one true God is dead.
Because we know only vengeance instead
of the infinite love and understanding we should bestow
throughout the five senses we all share and know.

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