The Sensitive


the sensitive
can’t watch video
can’t eat red dye
can’t be touched
can’t focus on anything
as peanuts kill
a new generation is
living inside a bubble
inside a spectrum
being removed from class
being home schooled

get them tested now
before they are held back
because they could not attack
ten plus ten plus three
because they’d rather move
rather walk across the moon

the sensitive are being born
not able to cope
not able to relate
not able to escape
a world they do not accept
that tries to accept them

as we sit them in front of screens
as we watch their screams
as their fits turn into fights
as their sleep is disrupted
by fear and pain
they enter our beds again

don’t let them go
hold them tight
for they are our future
hold them close
until they know
we accept them fully
with empathy
with open hearts
for all their emotions

in a new world
too much
too much
poisoned food
that a generation was fed
and has born anew
a generation inside
the spectrum grew
with all its color
reflects like a mirror
at me and you

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