They Snatch Us….

When no one is looking and no one is around.
Walking home from school, at home, at a game or around town.
Our children disappear in a second and are never to be heard from again.
If we are lucky they are found in a few years after having lived through hell.

These predators are all around the places we live.
Stalking our children and making us live
In a state of paranoia not able to trust
Our own neighbors or family that we know the best.

These cases seem to be increasing at a very rapid rate.
Sometimes, it’s even the parents that become part of the case.
Our children are our most precious commodity for sure.
More precious than stocks or gold because they can not be replaced.

As we speak, registered sex offenders live next to us.
Surrounding our homes and doing their thing.
It’s not odd to have a hundred living right around your home.
So when a child gets snatched it should be no surprise.

Our culture has grown a sickness inside.
The predator’s hunger grows with each day they hide.
Some say they are rehabilitated and want to start anew.
Some have never struck and are just waiting for their first time.

Our hearts go out each time, to the parents and families
Of these missing children who now must live with this curse.
Many unsolved mysteries of kidnappings will continue.
Until we realize why this sickness is growing all around us.

What part of our culture grows this disease?
Why would a person want to commit such an atrocity?
What do we do with them after they have served their time?
Is it possible to know who might strike before a crime?

As a father, it is my worst nightmare indeed.
To think that someone could snatch what is dearest to me.
I want to fix this problem for all of humanity
Before it happens to one more child and family.

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