‘Tis the Season

‘Tis the Season
to go to funerals
to get bad news
to smile and comfort
when others are down

to remember the fallen
to hope for the best
when you get tested
for disease and illness

is it growing or not
is it localized
can it be stopped
what treatment to take

‘Tis the Season
to pray for loved ones
to ask for miracles
to pray for peace
in our bodies and abroad

to choose treatments
surgery, radiation, chemo
to do CPR on loved ones
whose hearts have stopped

to make last choices
burial or cremation
flower arrangements
for obituaries to be written

‘Tis the Season
for so many to pass
to celebrate the birth
as we bury our dead
as we grow older

through the hour glass
life disappears
is precious
is memories
is for second chances to be had


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