V.A. Benefits

Cushy. Sitting my rear dear, on other cushion pushing chairs, clicking new mouses. click. click. Meeting new people. Learning new dramas. Learning new file structure process upload refreshness. Freshness. New horizons. Not for a limited time. Not for a low low price.

I’m a government contractor. I don’t sell anything. I don’t pollute your mail box or inbox anymore. Indoor commercial contract subcontract sign on the dotted line. Security clearance clearness. I am working for the green machine naval base space supporting the freedom fighters mighters smiting thee down. Smiting the evil doers who will be judged one mouse click at time.

I have a photo I.D. Sliding it in and out of doors core, keyboards. I served my country. Cleaned my toilets. Over and over and over. Have you? Have you signed your life away and put your life on the dotted line online on time on mine. Found life, liberty and the pursuit to raise your family without having to worry about bills or wills or the next choice.

Information technology discount system tears. Drill deeper into my interests to support the welfare of a life lived investigating a just cause. Just falls on my back and gets back time spent buffing floors and buffing combat boots of P.T. tracks being rounded. Of having to put it all on pause. And finally having it all pay off.

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