Dead Baby Dolphins

Blinded, eyes wide shut.
Glued together with molasses.
Not able to open one eye.
Wearing dark sunglasses
To shade out the lies.

One year after the worst oil spill in history.
A year of speeches that promised change.
The gulf devastated as wildlife is inflamed.
Dead baby dolphins washing up on shore en masse.
An inch of crude in wetlands remains unprocessed.

No safety procedures created or addressed.
No way to prevent another blowout and mess.
Money not getting to the people it was promised.
Politics as usual as it bottlenecks progress.
Making sure the people affected don’t get access.

To the generations that built a great industry.
To the generations that built a great culture.
America has its values and you are clearly not part
Of the golden city on the hill that opens its heart
To all people except its own.

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