Don’t ask don’t tell can go to hell.

Don’t ask don’t tell can go to hell.
For making people lie to each other.
For not allowing us all to feel like brothers
No matter what sexual orientation.
As we fought for human rights and liberation.

For all the money spent on its misconception.
For making others feel less than equal.
As if, what they are is despicable.
As straight men and women spoke
Openly in Barracks about who they did poke.

Bragging about sex with whores while on leave.
Preaching that family values were only for Adam and Eve.
While not allowing mothers to find daycare for their babies.
While forcing back to back tours tearing apart families.
While wasting millions enforcing its insanity.

For telling us the military did not need this change now.
While continuing to kick out thousands somehow.
For taking a survey and not listening to it as well.
For telling us that everything was just swell.
Don’t ask don’t tell can go to hell.

And let it burn for an eternity.
For its forced inequality.
For its accepted prejudice.
For the lies it made us sell.
For the truth we did not tell.

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