Enjoy the View

Infinite universes stacked on top of us.
Bumping into our brains with their membranes.

The mysteries are getting less mysterious.
Fleeting glimpses of knowledge as such
Opening up doors to the unknown and mythical.
Spirits may be trapped in our dimension
As UFOs travel back and forth from their star systems.

Science does not negate religion.
It is merely defining the miracle of creation.
The Holy Books were missing reference material.
As we communicate, this moment is a point in time.
My thoughts merge with yours as if they were mine.
You take these words and paint pictures in your head.
You can take those images and can be lead

To a new perspective in which to engage.
A new way of looking at your life and this age.
It’s the connections we make that give life its meaning.
It’s the decisions we make that keep us from giving.
It is the millions of subconscious voices
That help your mind and body make their choices.

It’s pretty simple at its core.
Get up and face your life as if there is always more.
Get up and keep searching for the reason why you are here.
Your path extends before you like a invisible thread.
As you surf the wave of consciousness
Remember that the wave’s energy is at your core.
Remember that the wave cannot be read.
Just stay tuned in and connect the dots

As the thread extends toward the next spot.
You are theĀ eyes of the universe they now say.
What you see will shape your reality today.
To see the beauty in the horror is our ongoing mission.
Just continue to pick yourself up and enjoy your vision.

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