Go to War

If you can go to war and not hate.

If you can kill and not dehumanize.
With empathy.
With understanding.
To understand your enemy.
If you can kill and still love.

Save the innocent.
Save the women and children.

Go to War.

When walking by a blown out hut
save the child who was shot in the gut.
When taking fire from above
throw your body on top of
others, out of love.

When you see the mass graves
pray for the dead.
Don’t forget to pray for the living
who pulled the trigger.
Who dug the grave.
Who beheaded the innocent.
Who massacred out of ignorance.

Never succumb to hate.
Never see the enemy as a cancer.
Never define them as the other.
Not worthy of life.
Never use the language of war.
For that is the code
that enables hate to soar.
Feeds the sectarian violence
we have come to explore.

Sunni vs. Shiite
Islam vs. Christian
Black vs. White
Blue vs. Red

Police and gang violence.
The continual blood shed.

Go to War.

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