How to survive the coming apocalypse 101

Remember that change is inevitable.

That we are one species on a 4 billion year old rock.
Remember that the accumulations of things will not
save you.
No amount of bullets.
No amount of firearms.
No amount of training.
No amount of stored food and water.
No matter how thick your walls.

Remember that when the shit hits the fan that
the ones who are happiest without things will be
happiest without things.
Imagine the world without electricity.
Get used to walking.
Get used to moving your body.
Get used to living in a community.

Know the difference between a need and a want.
You will never have wants again.
All your needs will not be met.
You can not prepare.
There is no use reading this.

If you take prescription medication see
if you can live without it and for how long.
Learn to say, I’m sorry and I forgive you.
Learn how to smile when meeting a stranger.
Learn to accept death.
The death of yourself and all that you know.

Understand that life is fleeting.
That we are lucky to be here, right now.
That it is a miracle that you are reading this.
Last but not least, never miss a chance to say, “I love you.”

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