if you were wondering

I am now on Consumer Reports and I’m thinking about

Trying to find the best elderly medic alert system.
Trying to decipher our new IRA rollover and continue to listen.
Trying to distribute my SS money in the best way.

While filling out forms for the kids new benefits to be deposited today.
While trying to schedule school tours for our oldest.
While scheduling specialists for their allergies and speech as the doctor told us.
While making a budget for my grandmother who is really sick.
While trying to fit her income into her monthly budget so she can exist.

Wondering if it is too late to change her medicare supplemental plan.
Wondering how to get advice on that, not from a computer but a human.

Remembering I need to pack up the Christmas decorations.
Remembering it’s time to get our kids a haircut, maybe from Sensations.
Remembering to write my doctor about my lung tests since he has forgotten.
Remembering to unpack from traveling before my clothes are rotten.

While our littlest one is making messes with wipeys and crackers under my feet.
While she takes my car keys, hides them and trashes the house like a super athlete.

As I research phone and TV rates because Vonage is sucking.
As I remember I need to get a medical expense list for taxes this year.

If you were wondering that’s all a house wife does, my dear.

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